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wTuesday, April 03, 2007

A.D.A.M. @ Planet Futsal, Ampang - 6
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Yana, Fairuz Fizz and Shukery Hashim

A.D.A.M. @ Planet Futsal, Ampang - 7
Image Hosted by
Fizz Fairuz as Akmal and Shukery Hashim as Darwis

I spent some time at the set of A.D.A.M. last night. I talked a few of my main casts and choose not to talk to a couple more. I have my reasons.

Fizz told me that I have a few long scenes (3-4 page script). And then he turned to Linda and reiterated that they can handle my difficult script. I assured them that as the series goes by, the scenes get a little bit shorter. Yeop, our director is good at making long scenes interesting through his unique direction and camerawork.

I told Linda of the direction that we're heading in Season 2. She wants a change of style. I told her that she will change from a gothic sort of girl to a more easy going sort of girl. I probably want her to wear kebaya, even...

And then I told her about the heavy scenes in Season 2. Dean, who is playing the part of Kamarul said that he wanted to cry just by listening to the synopses. I don't know if he's joking or not.


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