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wFriday, March 23, 2007

Emil Emilda @ Istana Budaya - 1
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Emil Emilda @ Istana Budaya - 2
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They used my car for this particular scene in Emil Emilda

Emil Emilda @ Istana Budaya - 3Image Hosted by

Emil Emilda @ Istana Budaya - 4
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I went to see Thumb yesterday at KLCC. I asked him to give me his synopses so that I can send the synopses to a production company that want me to write for them - only to be told that they have sort of similar sort of story made for RTM.

So, I've decided to forward the synopses to another production company. This time around, for TV3.

I am yet to write my own sypnopses. Got no time lah! I'll write the sypnoses this weekend...


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