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wWednesday, March 21, 2007

Emil Emilda in Ampang - 1
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Emil Emilda in Ampang - 2
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Emil Emilda in Ampang - 3
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With friends from Emil Emilda
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I have to submit a synopses to 2 (TWO) different production houses and yet, I cannot find time to do it. They wanted the synopses immediately for two different high profile slots for TV3. MATILAH! When am I going to find time to do this?

Okay, what about we start doing it now?

First synopses will be about a supernatural 'Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin' type of series with beautiful young casts (Dah tu? Kau ingat aku Micheal Moore ke buat dokumentari???) who lives a normal live, except that they have supernatural powers beyond their comprehension. Expect One Tree Hill meets Charmed.

Second synopses will be about the trials and tribulations of four small businesses. The people running the businesses are either rivals or friends. Their businesses are located near to one another. This will be a long show. They will have a salon, two mom and pop stores and a bistro or a bakery that is going to be run by two very close male friends (eh, boleh ke?). Okay, make it a male and female buddy with no sexual tension at all.

Storylines I will avoid at all cost:

1. The prodigal soon/daughter who supposed to inherit his/her father’s business which will usually be called XXX Holdings.
2. Family members fighting for inheritance.
3. Husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend fighting throughout the show because their love is being tested by a bastard or a bitch.

I will indefinitely not write shows that I myself don’t want to watch. Yesterday, I fell asleep twice while watching Kaiser and Datin Diaries. I cannot tahan lah. But I have to force myself watching all these mundane Malay shows. I have to watch them all…


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