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wTuesday, March 13, 2007

Emil Emilda 58
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Emil Emilda 59
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Emil Emilda - The photo I like!
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Photo by Isma Yusoof

ADAM- Kelab Lelaki Terluka: Pre-Production
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ADAM- Kelab Lelaki Terluka's director Hitler Zami explaining to us the initial drawings that was prepared by the production designer on how the characters suppose to look like, T-shirt design for Darwis' Futsal Centre and the set.

Okay... here's the latest update on the cast of ADAM - Kelab Lelaki Terluka

Azli - Zek Zaidi
Darwis - Shukery Hashim
Akmal - Feroz Fizz
Madi - Norman Hakim
Rina - Linda Hashim
Zerry - Ellyas
Maznah - Norkiriah

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