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wTuesday, March 06, 2007

Emil Emilda 45
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Here's our abang bola...

Emil Emilda 46
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The casts of Emil Emilda having fun...

Emil Emilda 47
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Emil Emilda 48
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Emil Emilda 49
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Emil Emilda - The photo I like!
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Photo by Isma Yusoof

I managed to finish up to Episode 12 of ADAM - Kelab Lelaki Terluka. The problem is... I need to wrap up the episode in the final episode of the first season. It'll be a difficult episode to write.

Oh, I have a talking part in Emil Emilda. A very controversial character. Okaylah, it has something to do with me agreeing to marry Emilda (Syarifah Amani). Her friends thought that I would be perfect for her, but... Yes, there is a 'but'.

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