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wFriday, March 30, 2007

A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 1
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Akmal waiting for Zerry in front of his college

A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 2
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Zerry, obviously not too keen to meet his stalker

A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 3
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Fairuz Fizz as Akmal

A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 4
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A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 5
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Wan Ellyas as Zerry

A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 6
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A.D.A.M. @ T.A.R. College - 7
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Dean, on your right. He'll be playing the character of Kamarul. The character will be more prominent in Season 2.

Tonight I have to go to the Rintek Awards prize giving ceremony. I still can't figure out where the venue is. I know it's at UiTM, but I don't know where exactly.

I am extending the character of Kamarul, who will be acted by this new actor , Safaruddin or Dean for Season 2 of A.D.A.M. His name is mentioned a few times as someone who works at the futsal Centre in Season 1 and he's a member of the 'A.D.A.M.' futsal team.

Kamarul has a mom who is a widow. She will later meet someone who fancies her who happens to be playing with the same team as Kamarul. Kamarul will not be too happy with this because he can't accept the fact that her mother (Azni) is in love with someone (Mazli), other than his late father - and the fact that he is younger than her. I hope that Fauzi Nawawi can play the part of Mazli, who is a motorcycle mechanic and a widower.

On a more serious note, I am so pissed off with some demented fags who YM-ed me and start asking me for the phone number of actors whom I know or acting in my TV Series. These people are crazy lah. And when I refused to give, they start calling me names and all that (It doesn't take a psychology degree to figure out that they are nothing but nut case). These people are dangerous, I tell you. Like, why in the world do these people want the private phone number of actors in the first place??? (Okay, they will eventually solicit for sexual favours, what else... As if we don't know lah, kan?)

I don't even talk to some of my actors, let alone talk to them on the phone. I let my Production Manager do all the talking. That is his job, anyway.


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