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wThursday, February 15, 2007


Me with Syarifah Amani



EMIL EMILDA - The Picture I like!

I was so tired last night, I'm still tired this morning. Maybe not enough food consumption, lor. There's no foods at home for my disposal. I kinda refuse to stock junk foods at home.

Yesterday Ezad told me to be careful when I write my script. It has something to do with RTM's strict restrictions. They don't have a proper guidelines so I'm kinda lost right now. Ezad, why lah kalau cerita RTM jer kau bagi aku??? Sentap tau!

So I told him to use his moral judgements when he direct my script. I hate self-censorship and I'm not going to start anytime soon. Well, not like ADAM - Kelab Lelaki Terluka is going to be awfully controversial anyways.

I think people in RTM should start lighten up and live in the real world. If they want people to watch their shows, they ought to buck up real soon. But then again, kan... We're talking about RTM here. Government owned. Nak cakap apa, kan?

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