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wThursday, January 11, 2007

With the kids at Genting - 5

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With the kids at Genting - 6

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With the kids at Genting - 7

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According to Harian Metro, yesterday:

"Sekiranya filem Susuk dapat digarap sebaik jalan ceritanya dalam novel, tidak mustahil ia muncul ‘filem pecah panggung’ dan mengulangi sejarah filem Cicak-Man."

I sincerely hope that people will go to the cinema and watch Susuk. The book is slightly different from the film. But the book will come in handy if you want to learn more about the characters of the novel.

You know what, up till today I'm still blur about TV3's intentions to make a TV series out of Susuk. I was first told about it by Ezad because TV3 has approached him regarding the matter and that's about it. They should let Ezad direct the series, lah... I hate seeing Susuk in the hand of other directors (Besides Amir and Naeim, of course) and they'll ended up turning it into a typical TV3 drama serial like 'Kawan' or 'Mitosastra'. One thing I respect about Ezad is his understanding of the Malay Audience - what they like and don't like while watching TV. This is perhaps one thing that I have to learn from him.

Ezad is in the process of writing Emil Emilda. I am reading his teleplay right now, and they are not bad, actually. Campy and funny. From what I heard, Syarifah Armani will take the lead as Emilda. Isma will be in it too, as MAC.

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