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wFriday, January 05, 2007

Elarti @ Seksan - 1

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D and I

Elarti @ Seksan - 2

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Fadz and I

I am writing this as I am resting at a ward at Sunway hospital. I had an operation yesterday to remove two growth in my colon - if not removed the growth will turn cancerous. So I was told. My doctor said, I was lucky, due to the early dectection and due to the fact that I told them that my sis is currectly undergoing cancer treatment in the States. My doctor asked me how I felt. I said, I felt lucky. I didn't really show much emotions, then.

At least I know I'm not going to die soon. I was kinda anticipated that the growth is at a later stage (when I was told about the growth) - and I don't have much time to live. When I was told about the possibility of cancer, I did not freak out.

The only thing that worried me then was the amount of unfinished work that I'll leave behind due to my early demise. I can't afford to fall ill or die soon. I've got to write and continue writing. I told myself that I will have to finish Gurisan Intaglio no matter what. And that my drama serial will be my first priority too. And then I can die peacefully.

And then I thought about mak... And strangely enough about Kuala Pilah. How I missed that town and how some of the best time in my life was spent there.

Well, I'm not going to die of cancer. There was an early detection and I will go for my check up from time to time to make sure there won't be any additional growth in the future.

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