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wMonday, January 08, 2007

Anggun's Adventure at KLCC - 1

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Anggun's Adventure at KLCC - 2

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Anggun's Adventure at KLCC - 3

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Anggun's Adventure at KLCC - 4

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7 Things I want to accomplish in 2007

1. I want to quit smoking… This time for real

2. I want to have a fitter body. The type of body where I can go shirtless while clubbing without having young boys making smart-ass comments about a 30-something having the cheek to go shirtless

3. I will make sure that I can finish writing my manuscripts/screenplay on time. I hate giving lame excuses to my director/editor...

4. Get another novel published. It’s been fun seeing my novel Susuk at bookstores. Really

5. Buy and read as many books as I can

6. Going to Bali for the third time

7. Spend more time with my friends and family

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