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wTuesday, December 05, 2006

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 8

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The alley leads to a platform to dry fishes at Pekan Pangkor

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 9

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Pangkor Trip 2006 - 10

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Pangkor Trip 2006 - 11

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Pangkor Trip 2006 - 12

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The other side of Pekan Pangkor

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I must tell myself not to be lazy, especially nowadays. Lazy at home, I mean. When I'm at home, I just want to laze on the couch and do nothing. I must instead power up my laptop and finish my documentary script for RTM entitled Ringgit Remaja. It's a 13 episode magazine programme produced by Radius One. Writing the programme is not that difficult, actually, but I have to commit myself to it. I have to interview some young adults that will be featured in the programme and prepare a script based on the interview.

I will be busier after I finished Ringgit Remaja when I was informed by Ezad of Radius One last Sunday that I have to write a 26 episode TV series. Again, for RTM. This will be a tough one for me. I have to send a proposal to a high profile production company that is going to produce the tv series (which could only translate to a higher budget with fantastic locations and interesting casts for me). This project is still in the pipeline, so I can't really tell if this is confirmed or not. If this project goes through, I will have to spend my free time writing and writing. No more slacking in front of my telly. No more surfing the net or chatting using my YM. The only free time I have, I will spend running or going to the gym.

This morning, I went to the gym at about 6.45 am. The gym is not exactly empty. There are people around. I wonder if I should sign up for the pilate or yoga classes scheduled at about 7 am. I peeped into the class room and I saw no men signed up for the yoga class held this morning. Maybe I should stick to the weight machines.

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