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wMonday, December 04, 2006

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 1

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I took this picture while in the boat to Pangkor

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 2

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Me, in the boat to Pangkor

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 3

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Me and the boys took a taxi to Pekan Pangkor to do some shopping.

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 4

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Pekan Pangkor in the afternoon

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 5

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Pekan Pangkor in a lazy afternoon

Pangkor Trip 2006 - 6

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Pangkor Trip 2006 - 7

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Click here and here for a couple of other pictures of me at Pangkor.

I had a good rest in Pangkor. I didn't do anything much but beach combing, chillin' around the pool and a snorkeling. It wasn't a hectic holiday, so I felt a bit rested. I went to Pangkor with 5 other friends. One of whom I kinda knew since he was a law student at UIA in 1999.

Yesterday I watched Cinta, again… After watching the rough-cut of the movie at Monsoon Pictures a few months ago. I cried, now at different scenes that touched me. I guess, now that I've learned to let go, the film touched me in a different way. Now, I have to learn to allow people who want to love me the fighting chance to get to know the real me and perhaps, have such feelings reciprocated back to them.

I went to Fitness First for the first time yesterday, at about 7 am, mind you. I think I like the idea of going to an empty gym with only me and a few people around. I don't feel like I'm being watched, until much later in the changing room - I still can't figure out why this fag is still in the changing room even after I'm done with a few sessions of using the sauna and steam room. I was half naked and wet and he was giving me 'The Look'.

I have this feeling he's not using the gym primarily to work out.

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