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wThursday, December 14, 2006

Jalil and Johan at Minnesota - 1

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Jalil and Johan at Minnesota - 2

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Jalil and Johan at Minnesota - 3

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This is what my sister wrote:

Johan and reuben got a visit from Santa Claus on December 12th, 2006. They were from Altru Clinic and Riverview Hospital staff. They were so kind and generous. I thought everybody going to get a present each, but we got all of the presents that were on our wish list. The presents covered our dining table. We were thankful for all the gift that we received. Johan and Reuben were exited seeing Santa Claus. I never seen them so cheerful before. Johan and Reuben are so thankful for all the gifts that they received.

- Hanidah

Well, too bad they will have to leave their gifts behind. As we speak, I think they are on their way on a longhaul flight to Singapore. I'll be driving to Singapore tomorrow after I service my car and go for a medical check-up for my new job.

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