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wFriday, December 22, 2006

Dengarkanlah (working title) studio session - 1

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Dengarkanlah (working title) studio session - 2

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Dengarkanlah (working title) studio session - 3

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Hafiz, the ex member of UNIC, is going solo. He's only 22, but he's one of the most precocious young men I've ever met. He had asked me to write the lyric for his new song and I did. Yes, I actually did.

I have this problem where I can't stand my own work. Do you know that I don't read my own novel after I wrote it? I've only watched Impian once and I don't think I can watch it again. I hardly reread by blog entries. Once, I can't figure out how Kak Min (Yasmin Ahmad) could watch her own movie over and over again, because I can't.

I can't bear listening to the song that I wrote, but I know it sounded good in the studio. The song will probably drive me crazy if it's gotten itself on air soon. I don't know why... But it's just me being me.

The studio session started at about 9.30 last night. I was really nervous. I felt bad because I kept on thinking how I'm going to ruin Hafiz's song by writing a crappy lyric. But he felt okay with the lyric and he thought that I had read his mind when it comes to a few chosen words in the song.

I kept on telling him that he had given me a difficult ballad to write. The tempo is rather slow, so I have to be careful with the words that I chose. I tried to be as poetic as much as I can, and avoid using cliched and bombastic words (but it is difficult to do so). I wanted the song to be rather minimal in it's use of words. I tried to be brave by piecing together words that are totally unrelated like: “Dengarkanlah puisi setia” that I could easily replace the line with: “Dengarkanlan puisi indah”, for example, but I didn't. I want to keep some of the words as I intend it to be. Intact.

It was only at the studio I realised the song is difficult to sing. Instead of having a panic attack (I almost had one), I thought Hafiz should know what he's doing. I took a deep breath and just hoped for the best.

Hafiz managed to sing the song as how it was intended to be sung. The song is melodious and I keep on wondering how in the world is he going to remember every bit of the song just to sound alike everytime he sings it. But he's a pro. He knows his own turf.

About the song... I wanted to capture what I felt once in the course of my life. A feeling that I had when I thought there was still hope in loving the person I had loved (I was proven wrong of course, but life's a bitch anyway). So there you go.

I have a deep respect with lyricist such as AD Samad who has written songs such as “Tak Tercapai Akalmu” and “Syair Si Pari Pari”. He has the knack to piece words that are often strange but you know they are beautifully crafted when they are placed together in a song. His songs are often difficult to listen to at first but it will stick and reverbirates in your head.

For a sample of Dengarkanlah, click here! (please note that this is a rough-cut version of the song).


Hafiz will be performing 'Dengarkanlah' tonight at Indie Scene Cafe, Piccolo Galleria, Bukit Bintang (between Lot 10 and KL Plaza). The event shall start at 7 pm, in conjuction with the launch of Iyari, a chapbook of poems by Sharanya Manivannan. It will be the first time the song will be performed to the public. So be there.

If you want to see having a panic attack, go lah, go...


Lagu oleh: Mohammad Hafiz
Lirik oleh: Nizam Zakaria
Gubahan: Aubrey Suwito

Walau nanti kau kan menghilang pergi
Kan ku tetap menanti
Walau lautan kan kering selamanya
Kan ku terus setia bersamamu

Dengarkanlah lagu rindu
Kunyanyikan hanya untuk mu
Dengarkanlah segalanya
Dengarkanlah kata cinta
Dengarkanlah bicara hati ini
Oh Kasih

Kan ku setia
Menanti kepulangan mu
Cintaku takkan pudar
Takkan bisa kelak hatiku berubah
Bila dirimu bisa indah di jiwa

Dengarkanlah diri ini
Dengarkanlah puisi setia
Dengarkanlah segalanya
Dengarkanlah kata cinta
Dengarkanlah bicara hati ini
Oh Kasih

Kanku sanjung cintamu
hingga ke hujung dunia

Dalam sepi yang menyapa diriku
bayangmu hadir di hati
Dalam kelam kau terangi duniaku
Bak sang rembulan di malam yang sepi

Dengarkanlah lagu rindu
Kunyanyikan hanya untuk mu
Dengarkanlah segalanya
Dengarkanlah kata cinta
Dengarkanlah bicara indah di dada
Di jiwa
Yang kan indah selamanya
Di jiwa...

Di jiwa

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