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wWednesday, November 29, 2006

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 5

Image Hosted by
Sharon Bakar

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 6

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Miss D

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 7

Image Hosted by
Chris Yin

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 8

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I took all these photos using my new phone

I so desperately want to buy a genuine Astro Boy T-shirt but two things stop me from even considering the T-shirt:

1. I don't think they have adult size Astro Boy T-shirt
2. I think paying RM 130 for a T is highway robbery

I've been out shopping last week. Bought three M sized T-shirts and two shorts for the Pangkor trip. Two shorts… A bit of overkill, since I seldom wear shorts when I'm out and about.

Yesterday I went to KLCC to meet Ezad. He's working on a 26 Samarinda episodes for TV3. He needs to share his idea with me and just talk. Interesting story, but he still finding it hard to find a title for his story. Now so am I.

I think I will take Taib the cat to act in my telemovie if everything went on smoothly and the TV station approves it. He will act as Tam the talking cat (you think I'm bluffing, right? But I'm not). Yes, there will be a character of a castrated neutered male cat that talks trash like a tranny. This is so me, right?

Miss D wants to play Futsal but she can't get anybody to play with her but me. Itulah, siapa suruh ko jadi faghag-at-large? Fags are into Voleyball, sayang… not futsal. Anyways, it'll be a futsal team comprising of writers and poets. Oh, gawd, what will she think of next?

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