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wTuesday, November 28, 2006

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 3

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Jit Murad with his excellent piece of writing!!! I'm his #1 Fan.

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 4

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Friends at Seksan. D on your left

So far, I've got good response for the telemovie I wrote, except for a couple of people who find the telemovie boring. So, they didn't watch the telemovie till the end, as I was told.

In retrospect, I think there are things I could've done to make Impian more interesting. But when I was in the process of writing the telemovie, I just couldn't see it coming. Well, I take this as a valuable experience for me. Now that I kinda have the hang of writing a telemovie, I think I can write better telemovies if I'm given the chance to do so.

A producer already asked me to send him a synopses of a romantic comedy he wants to make. I already have an idea of what to write. I will try to send him the synopses ASAP...

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