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wMonday, November 27, 2006

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 1

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Nizam Zakaria reading chapter 7 of Diva Dilla

Reading at Seksan last Saturday - 2

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Saras Manickam reading Dey Raju which appears in Silverfish New Writing 6.

I'll be heading to Pangkor Island this coming Thursday. I will be resting there for a couple of days. I hope I will be able to chill out, just sitting by the pool side or the beach doing nothing.

Okay people, please do watch Cinta (Here is Ted's review. Do read it). I blogged about Cinta when I watched the rough cut at Monsoon Pictures, but back then I can't tell you guys that it was Cinta (Dhojee the producer tak bagi). Anways, it's a good movie. I cried while watching Cinta, knowing that at that moment of time, I have to go through a tough time in my life. But I'm okay now. I've moved on.

I am ready to fall in love again. Finally.

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