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wThursday, November 23, 2006

Hajat: Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur - 5

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Hajat: Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur - 6

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Yesterday I went to KLCC for the charity premier of The Red Kebaya. I finally get to watch the movie after I missed the much anticipated media preview due to work commitments. I think the movie is okay, although a bit slow. I just love the acting. Superb cinematography. Story wise, I think what the movie need are subplots, instead of a plot that seems to drag the story. The Red Kebaya will make a good novel, with interesting back stories and all that. How I wished someone from the production come to me to write the novelisation of the movie earlier on. I could have written a beautifully crafted novel in Malay for them.

Nana Tanjung achived Box Office success? Do I even give a fuck about a movie that is so cacat and memalukan like this. I don't think so.

"Consisting of irritating sound effects not heard of since the days of "The Three Stooges", the film seems to be badly patched together. With the usual comedy antics, romantic songs belted out a la Bollywood style, it seems almost like a P.Ramlee movie, minus the legend himself. However, it falls short of success, dragging you along the scenes, boring you with repeated slapsticks (after a while, watching the old man slap everyone's head can get a little tiresome), and having stereotyped characters." (Cinemaonline)

No, I don't think I would like to spend my money nor my oh so precious time watching a crazy geriatric slapping people's head. I thought in the Malay culture, it's considered kurang ajar to do such a thing. Oh, I forgot, the crazy old fool is not a Malay, he's a Mamak.

Talking about Mamak... I went out for a movie with this one fler who told me that he's from Penang. The next thing I knew, he proudly told me one of his parents (I didn't asked which one) is an Indian Muslim. I find it hard to believe since he looks so fair and so Melayu. He has this unmistakingly handsome urban Malay look (for whatever it means). Did I mention that he's handsome? Yes, he is... But he's short and boring. I don't mind him being short, I even told him that my first ex is as short tall as him after he said that nobody fancies a 'katik' (read: midget), but I can't stand people who are boring. He kept on apologising for being boring. I said, "no you're, not." I think he knew I was lying.

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