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wThursday, October 12, 2006

Johan & Jalil's adventure at the fire station - 3

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Johan & Jalil's adventure at the fire station - 4

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I wonder if I ever talked about rude bloggers and their postings in my previous posts. Perhaps not. A few months ago I commented a blogger for being a homophobe. The next thing I knew, the said blogger and his minions began a smear campaign against me (complete with an entry using non other than my name as the title). Well, this time around, I think whenever I make a statement in the form of comment on other people's blog (which I seldom do), I will make a screen capture of what I have written so that there is a sense of transparency and that I will be accountable to my opinions.

Here is the blog that I duly commented this morning with the entry entitled:

Cina lahanat? Kafir laknatullah ? by Mr. ShadowFox

Here is the website just in case it has gotten itself deleted or disappear mysteriously:

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

And here's my comment, just in case if Mr. ShadowFox ever decide to censor my words.


Today I'll be heading to downtown KL for a sneak preview/buka puasa event by the people who brings you The Red Kebaya. The problem is, I forgot to recharge my camera's battery. I will probably blog about this tomorrow.

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