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wMonday, October 09, 2006

Jalil + Ruben Birthday Celebration - 1

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I don't know whose birthday they are celebrating. But mak being mak, she will celebrate the birthday of both of my nephews so that non of the boys will end up jealous. The has taught my siblings and I to to share since we were young. (it turns out that Jalil and Ruben is celebrating Mak's 58 birthday-NZ)

Jalil + Ruben Birthday Celebration - 2

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Jalil + Ruben Birthday Celebration - 3

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Jalil + Ruben Birthday Celebration - 4

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Jalil + Ruben Birthday Celebration - 5

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I went to cut my hair yesterday. There was this Angry Indian Man who said something nasty about the TV programme he was watching (Nona at TV3) when the barber was cutting his hair. He made some nasty comments about the programme but I think his negativity and anger was directed at me (since I was the only Malay/Bumiputra person around).

He asked his wife who was waiting in the barber shop why NONA is only showing the segments on the celebration of Ramadan and nothing about Deepavali. He then went on to blast the presenter by saying that she should be fired. I feel like telling him that she's just a presenter, and not the producer or the programme scriptwriter. Like, please lah… There's should be a limit on how you can make an ass out of yourself in public. The Angry Indian Man didn't just stop there… He said she (the NONA presenter) should go back to Indonesia. I mean, this is for real okay, I'm not making this up. I think at that point of time, he was waiting for me to turn towards him and respond to his nonsense, but I didn't. I just minded my own business. Deep in my head, I thought this scene is priceless. This is what Malaysia is all about. It's like a dark comedy. I want to make a short film like this… That will be so unPC, but it will show why minority in this country feel so sidelined by the majority.

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