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wFriday, October 06, 2006

Jalil and Johan first day in school - 4

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Jalil and Johan first day in school - 5

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Jalil and Johan first day in school - 6

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I managed to loose some weight. I want to maintain this weight or loose a further 3 kg more after puasa. I hope I could do that, despite maintaining my muscle mass.

I've got tons of work in the office, but I think I can handle them. I hope I can finish everything my today. I'm going to break fast at The Palace of Golden Horses. It's free food, so why not. I'll be entertained by no less than Ramli Sarip and Mawi.

It's the haze season again...

I went to watch S'kali a couple of days ago. Lesson learned, after watching this movie: sometimes it's better not to write about things that you know or else you'll end up with a boring biopic about yourself. And why in the world would anybody want to watch a bunch of self-engrossed middle class brats yakking about their life in the first place?

I should've watched that Thai ghost movie instead...

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