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wTuesday, October 31, 2006

Eid 2006 with Anggun - 1

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Eid 2006 with Anggun - 2

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Eid 2006 with Anggun - 3

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Eid 2006 with Anggun - 4

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I'm lazy. After a long Eid/Deepavali holiday, I'm just too lazy to restart my engine. For a whole week, I just chillin' out doing nothing (but chat, perhaps). That's the thing, I have to stop chatting on the IRC. I hate chatting on the IRC, but I still do it because of sheer boredom.

I began to realize in Malaysia you have two types of Malays: the Bumiputras and the Umnoputras. I belong to the former. As a bumiputra, I know I will never really enjoy NEP and all that. Really… up till today, I've not enjoyed anything that benefits me as a Bumiputra. Discounts? What discounts?

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