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wTuesday, September 12, 2006

The Making of Impian - 7

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Rozie and Safie in one of the most poignant scenes in 'Impian'

The Making of Impian - 8

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Rozie giving Safie some pointers on how to act the scene properly

The Making of Impian - 9

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Safie, 'tengah ambik mood'. The set was quiet and we left him alone. He was supposed to cry in anger for this scene. And he did. I am so proud of him for making my screenplay come alive with his acting. Now I can understand why Yasmin once said that Safie is the best actor she has worked with.

The Making of Impian - 10

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It has been a pleasure for me witnessing these two talented actors rehearsing my script

The Making of Impian - 11

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Salmah then hits her son with his report card

The Making of Impian - 12

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Azlan is on his way to school and Salmah is late for her meeting

Impian is a screenplay I cooked up in two weeks time. I never knew that writing a screenplay can be both fun and easy. It's not like writing a novel where I have to spend months after months writing and still, it is difficult to see the end to the novel.

I cherished the experience of writing 'Impian'. I cried while writing a scene in 'Impian'. I actually did. It was a sad scene. I made Fadz cried when he read the screenplay. Rozie, in two different occasions told me it's a good screenplay and an easy one to read, especially when the screenplay is supposed to be read by child actors. But what made me proud was when this young girl (who is acting in another telemovie, but she is in an acting break for a day and came to the set), who had read my script and told me how she enjoyed reading it. I've made a mental note to myself that I'll propose that she'll act in next telemovie project. She's not only pretty, she's smart too. And I like to be around smart girls.

I actually enjoy writing a screenplay with children in it. I was told it is difficult to find good child actors in Malaysia. That is why I feel so lucky to have Safie on board to act in 'Impian'. He is such a nice boy to be around with. He is talkative. He likes to play with his handphone who according to him is a gift from one 'Cik Min' (Yasmin Ahmad to you and me).

I was a pleasure to see Rozie act. She is perhaps, one of the best Malay actresses we have right now. When she was paired with Hamidah Wahab (a veteran actress who is by the way, Mak's cousin), it is so difficult for me to accept the fact that they were actually reading my script and acting, instead of just chatting away in front of the camera.

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