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wMonday, September 25, 2006

The Making of Impian - 37

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Azlan termenung memandang Sam

The Making of Impian - 38

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The kids at the library

The Making of Impian - 39

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Cikgu Sherita and Salmah

The Making of Impian - 40

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Shafie with Baby the make up artiste

This morning after sahur, I slept for a while. I dreamt of Baba. He used to call his favourite cats using his high pitch voice. I dreamt of the moments when I heard his voice and then I saw his face for a second or two. And then I woke up. I thought about how I missed Baba and how I pushed his wheelchair right under my flat to where my uncle parked his car. That was the last time I saw him.

I cried. Silently. Images of Baba with my ex flooded my mind.

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