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wMonday, September 11, 2006

The Making of Impian - 1

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Safie, getting ready for his montage scene

The Making of Impian - 2

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Safie with Tipah the Cat acting as herself. Tipah acted well throughout the filming of the telemovie.

The Making of Impian - 3

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'Azlan' e-mailing his brother, 'Azli'.

The Making of Impian - 4

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Assistant director, Haikal is expaining to Safie his next scene.

The Making of Impian - 5

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Rozie Rashid as Salmah. Azlan's mother

The Making of Impian - 6

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Rozie and Safie

I can't update my blog last week because I was sick. Sore throat. I still have sore throat right now.

Things didn't really help when my ex tried to contact me. He's back in Malaysia. He has everything he wanted, an M.Phil from Cambridge in Technology Policy and then he left me high and dry after all the years being together and all the moral support I've given him. I told him not to contact me again. I said, if he we ever cross each other's path, he should walk on by, or better still, get out of my way. I don't think I want to see him again. I had this foolish idea thinking that we could be friends, but I later discovered the reason why the idea is a bad one after talking to him over the phone. He is not a good person and I hope that he knew that. He will never cease to hurt the very people who love him. I have never loved a person who is as selfish and as conniving as him. The very fact that I had allowed him to manipulate my life simply proves how much I don't love myself enough. It is also regrettable that I had loved someone who loves himself too much...

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