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wThursday, August 24, 2006

The younger me at Toa Payoh - 1

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This is me with Kakak Mas, my cousin

The younger me at Toa Payoh - 2

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The slipper that I wore makes a weird squeaky sound whenever I walk. And yes, I do look pretty in pink.

The younger me at Toa Payoh - 3

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I don't know why I wore the wristwatch, even though I can't tell the time yet

Didah will be undergoing surgery next Monday to place a "portal" into her chest. She will start her chemo therapy on Wednesday.

Her doctor told her that this sort of cancer is hereditary. So she advised me to go for a Cat Scan or a Colonscopy. Well, maybe I should… I wonder if my insurance actually covers this.


I have to meet Fazli tonight. He'll be directing the telemovie I wrote. I have to instruct him how to follow my script carefully. I want to make sure he'll follow the quirky direction that I have carefully written in the screenplay. At the same time, I want him to interprete the script according to his own artistic vision. I have to tell him that I want some key casts in the telemovie to make this telemovie work. I want Mohd Syafie Naswip to play the part of Azlan. He's a good actor. It'll be such a shame if he's nominated for the "Best Child Actor" category for next year's Festival Filem Malaysia instead of the category for "Best Actor". Syafie is "the best actor I've ever worked with", said Yasmin Ahmad in her blog. The telemovie will work well is Shafie can take the leading role. I don't mind taking a pay cut just to make sure he's in the telemovie. No joke. This telemovie is my baby.

I hope Ezad as the producer will take my suggestions to take a couple of young stage actors to play a few minor roles in the telemovie. One of whom is Farah, who had graciously read my Kisah Dua Wanita along with Isma at Darling Muse Gallery last year. She has act in a few stage plays and I think she should be given this break into TVland.

Ezad told me that I have more actors in this telemovie than the usual number of actors in telemovies you see on TV. He said, we can still work under the given budget if I take new actors and not established actors to play a few of the small roles. I think it can be done with proper casting and negotiation with the actors involved.


More nonsense from the local media (read: Harian Metro) and the police (Malaysian police are an incorrigible lot, aren't they...). Read up!

Invitation to Press Conference: Shooting incident at Old Klang Road on 19 August 2006


Paul's Place


Thursday, 24th August 2006


1 pm - 2 pm


Chair: Ms. Natasha Leek. Event Management Executive.

Mr. Paul Millott: Solar Power Technology Specialist
Mr. Syed Mohd Faiz B. Syed Nokman: Sales Engineer and Independent Music Event Organizer
Ms. Elizabeth Wong: MP Aid and Social Activist
Mr. Amer Hamzah: Lawyer


A plain clothes police officer shot several rounds into the air to break up an alleged fight in a parking lot in Old Klang Road on Saturday, 19 August 2006. Local business owner, Mr. Paul Millott was handcuffed and his business premise searched without being given a reason.

To present an accurate account by eyewitnesses which vary significantly from Harian Metro and other media reports of this incident.

Detailed Incident Description

Police fired warning shots in the air outside a private premises, known unofficially as "Paul's Place", owned by a Solar Power Company on Saturday, 19 August 2006.

The premises, a training Centre at the top floor of a shoplot, was rented for the day by a group of independent musicians for a private performance and party. At approximately 8:30 pm the patrons began to go home quietly and many stopped for food at a restaurant across the car park from the premises. Sometime between 9.30 to 10pm patrons at the restaurant heard gunfire. A man dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt was seen pointing a gun at people in the car park and firing shots in the air. He went up to a vehicle with people about to leave the car park and pointed the loaded gun at the driver, telling him to get out of the car for no apparent reason. He then approached a restaurant near the car park, firing shots in the air. He pointed the gun at Mr. Paul Millott, who was in the restaurant and gestured at him. He continued firing into the air as he approached the restaurant. People ran in panic. No one knew who this person was or why he opened fire.

Mr. Millott ran back to his own premises and attempted to close his café on the ground floor. He pulled down the shutter but the gunman appeared behind him a few seconds later and forced it open. Then the gunman identified himself as a police officer. Mr. Millott asked to see some identification. The gunman flashed an ID. Mr. Millott asked to take a look at it properly as it was shown too fast for him to note down the alleged officer's name and details. The gunman told Mr. Millott that, that was all he was allowed to see. Mr. Millott stood in the doorway and told the gunman that he could not enter. If he was indeed a police officer, then he had to have a warrant. The gunman told him that this was Malaysia and he could do whatever he liked. He tried shoving Mr. Millott out of the way unsuccesfuly and then another man, who also claimed to be police officer, joined the gunman and together forced Mr. Millott's hands behind his back and handcuffed him. Mr. Millott was not given any reason as to why these two men wanted to enter the empty café or why they hancuffed him.

The two men entered the empty café, followed by a man from DBKL. They looked around then released Mr. Millott. By then it became apparent to Mr. Millott that these were indeed policemen in plain clothes.

Approximately 25 youths, independent musicians and their friends were detained by the police and held in remand for 5 days.

Shortly after the event, Mr. Millott proceeded to the Brickfields police station to lodge a report on the incident.

Today, Wednesday 22 August 2006, Harian Metro published a police report of the incident in which the police claimed they were under attack by a group of independent musicians in the parking lot outside the cafe and fired warning shots in the air in self defence. However, a video of the incident taken by a member of the public tells a different story.

Café patrons and those at the scene did not see any threat against the police. The police did not warn anyone or indicate that they were police officers.

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