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wTuesday, August 22, 2006


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This picture was originally taken from zzz's FotoPage.

I compiled some songs and music that I nicked from everywhere on the Internet to be used in the upcoming telemovie I'm working on. Some of the songs are taken from sited that specialises on vintage records. So, if you watch the telemovie (and if the selection of music are chosen), you'll know that I have carefully selected the tracks because they are unique. Some of the tracks are not, of course, like a couple of tracks I took from the opera Lakmé by Delibes and a few Minimalist composition by Philip Glass and Andrew Shapiro.

I would like to thank Fadz for taking some time to read the script. He gave me some pointers and thanks to him, I've made the script tighter. I've simplified some of the scenes and dialogues that he thought resembles a typical "drama TV Melayu". He said he cried while reading a scene in the script. I told him I was in tears when I wrote the scene. I hope the scene can evoke the same emotion from the audience. I want my audience to have a feel to the kind of visual narration and story that they can expect from me.

And on another note entirely, I discovered that most people I know belongs to a gym somewhere. People often ask what gym I belong to and I'll say, "workout kat rumah jelah". How am I going to keep up with the Joneses like this? I think I prefer to workout at home even though it can be uninspiring to do so. Jogging is not an option nowadays since the haze is creeping in.

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