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wTuesday, August 29, 2006

Readings at Lorong Tempinis Satu (August 2006) - 5

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Ted Mahsun's dad, drawing

Readings at Lorong Tempinis Satu (August 2006) - 6

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Saradha Narayanan read her Rani

Readings at Lorong Tempinis Satu (August 2006) - 7

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Roy aka Fairul Nizam reading his poems

Suddenly, I have this urge to start writing a new novel entitled Diva Dilla. A story of an ex-Datin who used her mutaah (compensation/ gift for a wife to start a new life after a divorce), to start a business in making telemovies. She used to be an actress. An average one, but a beautiful nevertheless. The thing about her ventures are, although crappy, are well liked by the public. Her life only went haywire when an influential critic calls her works she produced, "mencemar budaya'. Not in the Akmal Abdullah/Raja Azmi vs Yasmin Ahmad sort of way - this time around, it's for real (because she does produced really bad yet with high rating type of telemovies). So to prove her detractor wrong, with the advise of her daughter Hasnah (who is erudite), she took a script written by a talented scriptwriter by the name of Fahrin and make a 13-part drama serial out of his convoluted script.

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