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wMonday, August 07, 2006

Mukhsin Rough Cut hosted by Yasmin Ahmad - 4

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Zulhabri and Fadz. No, they are not taking my picture...

Mukhsin Rough Cut hosted by Yasmin Ahmad - 5

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Here's the picture they wanted to take.

I went to the AF final concert last Saturday. After the concert I received three SMSs from people who told me that they saw me on TV (I sat quite near to the stage, thanks to SM - seating arrangement ko memang kelas, katanya.). The SMSs are all the same. They wanted to know who was the cutie who sat next to me (sorry, aku bukan mahayam!!!)

The fact is. Up till then, I didn't really know who he is. We exchanged a few e-mail messages a few hours before the concert and I asked him if he's free (since I've gotten myself an extra ticket to the concert because my friend call me at about 3.30 to tell me that he can't go). He said he's free and I quickly tell him to meet me at the stadium. We just knew each other for less than an hour from this queer personal site I recently subscribed to, and I already asked him out. It was a culcalative risk I took. It was not a date, anyway.

I didn't know that he's a good looking young man until the moment I saw him. I didn't know that he's a six footer either. In all honesty, I thought he was a himbo the very minute I saw him. But he is not. He just happened to be a young man with a pretty face. With proper grooming, he could be a runaway model (and I actually shamefully asked him: "do you ever thought of becoming a model?" He said he was not interested.) He's still young but he looks matured (his convocation is in a month time or so). He's from Kelantan and he has that Kelantan look you can detect from miles away.

I thought he's one of the strangest young men I've met in ages. The last time I met such strange young man was Fadz. These two boys are similar because in many ways, and they reminded me of me when I was young.

He has never been clubbing, yet he looks like one of the Zouk crowds. He wore his shirt like it's from Gucci but he later told me it was his sister that bought the shirt for him ("that's why it's tight" he said.). He wore a simple flip-flop to the concert, yet he wore it like he's wearing a Havaianas that is oh so fashionable these days. He often say things that just left me speechless like: "I want to be a role model to PLUs," or "The first time I went to watch a movie at the cinema was when I went to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean last month." He's a strange young man full of contradictions.

Just for kicks, I brought him to BB. It was his first time clubbing. A couple of guys tried to get fresh with him inside BB like when this guy was pinning his body towards him. He just sat still and showed no interest. It's hard to miss him in the club. He's probably one of the tallest boys there. He saw some of his uni mates over there. They are cute of course, but that's beside the point.

He said he can't stand the throbbing lights. It made him dizzy. He had a migraine after that.

"So, I bet the girls must me all over you at your uni." I said while driving.

"Yes. One even sent me a letter." He answered.

"What kinda letter? A love letter?"

"Something like that. She said she can't stop looking at me when we are the same class."

"So, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. I never thought of dating anyone while studying."

Well, he didn't really get himself into the queer scene until the last semester of his studies, which was like, four months ago. But he's so sure of himself. The way he carries himself around betrays the fact that he's a new kid on the block.

He told me that one day, a Chinese neighbor of his read his palm. She said he'll be famous one day. I looked at his palm and saw the same lines. But I can't figure out what will make him famous. I really can't.

"I have a talent that you don't you don't know I have." He said. Fair enough. Even up till now, I don't really know who he is.

"What talent? Writing? Acting?"

"It's a secret." He answered playfully.

After a while I noticed that he is a brilliant conversationalist with Wildean wit. He is actually funny but you have to understand his one-liner by listening carefully to what he has to say. To an untrained ear he may even sound cynical.

There's so much honesty in him. There are so many things that he had told me about himself, even the things I would consider as painful to tell. But it seems that he really wanted me to know him for who he is. He's the youngest of 13 siblings. He wanted to do medicine, but he ended up with a degree in Biomedicine. He speaks (and writes) better English than most young men of his generation, yet he speaks with a slight Kelantanese accent, which I find unbearably cute, of course.

Moments before I wanted to send him to the nearest LRT station, he mumbled about writing and something about becoming a writer. I can't really hear what he wanted to say.

He is definitely one of the strangest young men I've met. So strange, I really wanted to know him better. I hope that I'll have the chance to meet him again after this…

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