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wMonday, August 21, 2006

Diari Lelaki

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I don't have any photos to post, so I post this photo I found at badstitch's fotopage.

I'm still alive. Not dead yet. Don't worry about me. I've been busy with my script and my office work.

My editor called me just now. She said something about a dedication page. I actually have a dedication page for Susuk. If I'm still with my ex, I don't have to think twice but to dedicate the book to him.

So, I think I will dedicate this book to Mak and to arwah Baba. For without their encouragements, I don't think I'll be a writer today. So the dedication will go something like this:

Untuk Mak yang tak pernah lelah untuk memberi galakkan dan semangat dan untuk arwah Baba yang tak sempat untuk melihat buku ini di tangannya.

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