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wThursday, August 03, 2006

Anggun wearing ker pink Crocs

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I asked my mom, how did I survived living in a flat without having the luxury of a lawn or a garden. She said, she always brought me downstairs to walk around as a baby.

I went through a couple of screenplay yesterday (one of which is The Graduate by Buck Henry). I noticed how good screenplays are very technically written. Very detailed. I think I should write these kinds of screenplays.

Sitting down writing a screenplay is not easy I tell you. You can have wonderful ideas in your head but writing it down can be a bit intimidating. I'm writing my children story. I think I can finish the story on time. Ezad my producer has been asking me about the script almost everyday. Matilah kalau tak siap-siap. But the process has been slow and of course, I will revise the script as many times as I possibly can.

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