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wTuesday, August 01, 2006

Anggun at Marina Square - 1

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She likes to put on the child-stool strap all by herself. And then her tiny finger will 'tersepit' and she'll cry for 15 seconds or so. :: Oh, while looking for the photos I took of Rohaizad last week (he said his mom wants to take a look the photos), I found this photo he took of me while we were in for breakfast at La Cucur Cafe at The Curve

I've noticed how according to some Muslims (and if you let them get in their way), almost everything on this planet has porcine matter in it (Mentos, Polo, chocolate bars, your non-halal bf/gf). The next thing you know, there there's a fatwa to forbid the use of botox because allegedly it "contained prohibited substances, including those from pigs." Got such thing meh? Have they done their proper research in the first place? Have they consulted any medical professionals regarding this matter? I seriously doubt it. According to Malaysian Medical Resources, "Perhaps the Fatwa Council needs to review the facts again." No porcine matter was found in Botox. How typical…

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