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wMonday, July 24, 2006

Playing Futsal - 1

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Playing Futsal - 2

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Playing Futsal - 3

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Me, all by myself sitting down after a gruelling session at the futsal court. Here are other photos of me taken during the weekend at Telok Kemang and when I was at Terminal 1, Seremban. <-- Models Wanted, come in pink, please!

Last weekend I went to Port Dickson and Seremban. I thought I needed a time out, so I went to the beach. It was rather relaxing. Port Dickson, or Telok Kemang to be precise is not like what it used to look like a few years ago. The place is much better and cleaner now. You can even rent your own cabana for as low as RM15. I think I should go to PD more often. I like to lie down by the seaside. It is so relaxing.

Yesterday I went to a picnic held by a group of people from an egroup I belong to: gendergenres. It's an egroup for queer writers of all persuasions. Pang of took charge of the picnic that was held at Taman Tasik Perdana. I brought my two well worn tikars along with RM10 worth of curry puffs and spring rolls. I really had a good time with them, even though I only knew half of them. I took some pictures of course. I will post the pictures here, tomorrow.

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