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wWednesday, July 26, 2006

Borders, The Curve. This picture taken last Friday...

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It's a rather empty bookstore. I think I rather spend my time at Borders in Orchard Road. Some of the happiest moments in my life were spent in Orchard Road...

I'll be off from work starting tomorrow. Rohaizad is coming to KL today. We'll be meeting at at Bangsar tonight. We'll head south by Friday.

I called mak just now. She'll be following me, Nani, Tom and Anggun to Singapore on Saturday. I still can't figure out where to go on that day. Don't tell me we just going walk aimlessly in Singapore window shopping? There are a few things I wanted to buy (but I probably can't buy), like a cheap futsal shoe, a cheap second hand handphone, a toy extracting machine (If I buy this thing, I'll show it to you) and a few silly knick-knacks. On Sunday, we'll visit Baba's grave. We are going to install a tombstone onto his grave.

Yesterday I dreamt of my ex. I saw his face in my dream and then I woke up. He supposed to have finished studying at Cambridge, I think. I really don't know what he is up to now. Probably enjoying his life over there. I wonder if he'll ever come back to Malaysia or we'll ever be friends, because I'll cool with that. I'm happy with my life right now even though I can feel lonely at times. One thing for sure, even if I find myself involved in a newly found relationship, I still want to retain the kind of freedom and autonomy I'm experiencing right now. I will not allow my partner to determine who I can or cannot make friends with. My e-mails and SMSs are to be kept private and to read by me and me alone. I will not stop writing just because he say so. And he should be able to accept and love me for who I am...

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