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wThursday, July 13, 2006

Anggun, glamour, jaded...

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Look out for Anggun's latest video tomorrow! Mak bought Anggun this new shades because Anggun seems to like wearing them, even indoors.

I've just noticed that there are some Rapid KL buses in the route I'm taking to work. I think this is new. And then I realised that before this, there are hardly any public buses on the road, whereas in Singapore you could always find public buses everywhere you turn.

The new CEO asked my boss if I have any formal training in copywriting. I told my boss that I've never met a copywriter with a formal training in copywriting - they just land on the job. I think writing is just like that, you either have the gift of storytelling (or the art of crafting word), or you don't. I told her that the closest thing one could get to training in copywriting is getting a degree in Creative Writing. I didn't mention Mass Communication (of even Advertising), to her though. I have my reasons. I seldom met a copywriter with a degree in Mass Comm.

I hope there is a scheme where I can upgrade myself by applying for a formal course in writing (even though I think I am capable of devising a syllabus and teaching one myself). I think there's no course in the world to actually teach you how to write or craft a copy. They merely teach you to recognise good ideas when you see one and make connections when other people find it hard to connect. I'll be more than happy if my company can pay for the courses that I can take to upgrade myself. But I don't think this company is too keen on that. Come to think of it, they pay me peanuts here. I think my mulut dah berbuih telling that that my salary is way below market rates. But they just don't get it or pretend not to undertstand what I'm talking about whenever I mention this to them. Yet, they expect miracles from me when I do the jobs that's suppose to be done by 2-3 people...

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