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wFriday, July 14, 2006

Anggun - Featuring Right Said Fred

I had this weird dream where I was running is this very long treadmill in a gym. Talking about gyms, I suddenly remembered a gym I used to frequent at Woodlands Stadium. The gym is at a basement and very cozy. I really like the gym and the people over there. They are friendly. Going to a well equipped gym in Malaysia can be an expensive affair and I curious to know myself if it's worth the money. There's a gym near my workplace. I heard it's cheap. I think I'll join the gym sooner or later. As for now, the home gym is suffice, even though I hardly have the energy to use the gym after spending more than an hour jogging.

I am reading with great interest over the grouses people have over VVIPs (read: Ministers) who never pay their speeding tickets. Hello people, where have these people been all this while? Why are they so naïve? This is Malaysia lah. What were they thinking? The VVIPs here can get away with anything, let alone traffic summonses. That's why sometimes I wonder how come when I drive in the highway here, I see all these expensive cars drive pass me like there's no tomorrow. I often ask myself, "these people tak takut kena saman, ke?" Now I know lah. They don't have to pay anything. They don't have to worry about getting persecuted or anything even remotely close. Best of all, they never practice what they preach. How typical!

It pays to be rich and powerful in Malaysia.

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