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wThursday, July 20, 2006

Anggun and me at Mandai Zoo - 1

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Anggun likes to use her finger to point things out to me. She can't talk yet, but I bet she's a talkative kinda girl

Anggun and me at Mandai Zoo - 2

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She's sleeping in her pram

I went to jog at Taman Tasik Permaisuri yesterday because Ezad wanted to see me at the KFC nearby. Ezad had moved to a condo nearby. All I can say is, I love the idea of buying a condo at the same area. I love running at the park. The jogging path is great and more importantly, can cuci mata like there's no tomorrow. After jogging for about 40 minutes, I've decided to go swimming. I didn't do much swimming. So many distractions if you know what I mean.

Ezad gave me another job besides the scriptwriting for the Hari Kanak-kanak slot for RTM. It's going to be a major slot and I'm kinda scared even to think of it now because of the standard he has put for the last couple of years. He gave me the much coveted Hari Raya telemovie slot for TV3. He'll be producing and directing the telemovie while I write the script if everything goes well. It'll be a comedy. Nothing fancy, just a Melayu style slapstick comedy. He asked me twice if I can write comedy, and I confidently said I can. I wrote Akademi Impiana, after all. I'll definitely ask my friend, who is the creator of the most popular comedy blog in Malaysia, Gelihati (directly translated as tickled liver) to read through my script. Harap-harap this project jadilah.

Whatever it is, Ezad told me I can start with my Hari Kanak-kanak script which is aptly entitled Impian. We talked about the story and I wanted Azlan's mother, Salamah to be a real estate agent ala the agents you find in Discovery Channel's Superhomes. She's a single mother trying hard to raise two kids all by herself.

Ezad told me to start finding cast for the character of Azlan. It'll be a daunting task. I have to find a 12-15 year old boy who can actually act and play hockey. I have to find a boy who will fit my story and script like a glove. I'm not going for a cutesy type of boy, maybe someone like Mohd Syafie Naswip of Mukhsin (better still, he should be Azlan, but he has to know how to play hockey convincingly, though).

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