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wMonday, June 19, 2006

Choreography for Non-Choreographers at Central Market - 1

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Choreography for Non-Choreographers at Central Market - 2

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Rohaizad with Fahmi Fadzil

I went to BB with Rohaizad and Rozaimi last Saturday. BB was a bummer. A boring place to be - at least to me (I hated the music). And since Rohaizad wanted to meet up with Vernon at Liquid, we ditched the idea of staying longer at BB. Rozaimi had to go home. His bf didn't like the idea of them separating. He wanted Rozaimi to stay with him all the time, it seems.

I just love Liquid. I can actually dance to the music played over there. I had a good time at Liquid of course. I simply love the retro music that the DJ was playing on the first floor of the club. Can you imagine dancing to the tune of Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood? It was simply divine, I tell you!

A person handed me a business card (he's a lawyer - when I was walking out of the toilet) and another guy wanted to get to know me while Rohaizad and I was minding our own business at the bar. We just smiled 'layan' him here and there while trying hard to be tactful.

Saw a few really gorgeous Malay boys at Liquid. A few of them came with their non-Malay (read: Chinese) friends or BFs.

On Sunday, Rohaizad and I went to Central Market to see a few of our friends (Pang Kee Teik, Vernon Emuang and Kiew Suet Kim, etc) performed several dance routines to the public (Choreography for Non-Choreographers). This is Workshop #2 of the Krishen Jit Experimental Workshop Series 2006. It was okay lah. What was not okay was when a few guys actually cruised me. One guy actually took the trouble to talk to me and sat next to me even when I was trying so hard to avoid him. I thought that he was not bad looking lah, to tell you the truth. But I was just not interested. Rohaizad SMS-ed me to ask me if I wanted him to rescue me. Hell yes! And he did, thank God. Rohaizad and Pang approached me to ask me to join them at Liquid, which I gladly said yes.

I must be giving out the 'I'm single and available' (or perhaps, 'I'm single and desperate') vibe to these people. This is fine if I'm looking around for a relationship. But I'm not. I'm just not ready yet - at least for the next half a year or so.


My ex said, If I have the patience, God will answer my prayers. I hope he does. I hope he that listens to my prayers.

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