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wThursday, June 01, 2006

Anggun's trip to Port Dickson - Part 3

Anggun was fascinated with the purple ball she found of the beach. She took the ball and played with the ball for some time before the owner of the ball took it from her. She was then determined to get back the ball from the owner. What I found amazing is her ability to focus entirely on the ball. Nani told me that she could recognize herself in the mirror way before other babies could even develop the ability. Heck, when I showed her the videos I took of her, she could even recognize herself on the screen of my laptop. I think she's a precocious child like I was.

Two days ago, Amir invited me to watch a close door screening of Lelaki Komunis Terakhir. The banned movie screened last night at Finas. But I couldn't make it because I was trapped in a massive jam. I thought it was ridiculous to be trapped in the jam. So, I decided to go back home instead. I have a new PC after all, right? Lots of things to do to the new PC, like installing new software, transferring data from my external drive to my new PC. I have to reorganise my stuff in the room. There are lot's of things to be thrown away to create space in the small room.

You know why there was a massive jam last night? One of the reasons was the land slide at Ulu Klang.

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