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wWednesday, June 28, 2006

Anggun Masa Kenduri Arwah - 3

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Anggun calls her pacifier 'toto'.

Anggun Masa Makan

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Anggun really enjoyed her KFC mash potato and chicken. She often ate all by herself. Sis pointed out that Malay kids usually have their guardians spoon feeding them (makan suap, sometimes up to primary school). She will leave a hugh mess around her. She will even smell like the food she ate. But I think this is the right way of bringing up Anggun.

I wore Baba's Aviator Ray Ban when I went to visit his grave. I thought I am not going to cry, but I did in the end. I felt sorry that I didn't get to see him sooner even though I've planned to go back to JB the same weekend. I wanted to tell him and Mak that I've broken up with my ex. I just can't keep quiet and keep on pretending that nothing has happened to me. Baba really liked my ex and all I wanted to do was to tell him that I had tried all my best to keep the relationship from breaking apart. I wanted him to know that I'm not a frivolous sort of person who can't keep a long term relationship going.

That was why I cried. Baba used to sit down in front of me just to tell me that I should not fight with my ex because he's a nice guy. I nodded my head and I made a promise to myself that I will make this relationship work. And I did, for more than 4 years before it ended.

Baba died not knowing that his son is a failure.


For whom it may concern, this song by La Luna entitled 'Selepas Kau Pergi' is dedicated especially to you. Click here if you want to listen to it directly. Click here if you want to look at the lyrics.

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