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wTuesday, June 27, 2006

Anggun Masa Kenduri Arwah - 1

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Anggun likes to wear her baju kurung. Two days later, she took the same sarong that she wore during the kenduri arwah and she asked me to help her to put on the sarong. I asked Nani why she's like this. Nani said because everybody in the house (except her father and Bro) wears sarong all the time.

Anggun Masa Kenduri Arwah - 2

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Nani wears baju kurung all the time, so Anggun wants to look like her mother.

The sound of Baba's wrist watch caught my attention. So I asked my mother where the sound came from. She open Baba's drawer. That was where Baba kept his collection of wrist watches.

"I don't have a watch. See… I'm not wearing a watch." I told Mak.

"What happened to your old watch?"

"No battery. I can't afford to change the battery."

"Take your Baba's watch." Said Mak. I looked at Baba's watches. He has quite a collection. A few genuine watches and a few fake ones. I took his new Omega Seamaster watch (and a cople of his Casio watches). I told Mak, perhaps Bro should take his Omega Speedmaster, the one that was used by Pierce Brosnan in one of his James Bond movies. I knew for sure he will like that one.

"You should wash Baba's used cloths. You can't leave them hanging around here." I told mom. She nodded quietly.

Later that day she said I could have Baba's old cloths and his shoes. Baba loved shopping, and he often bought cloths and shoes he hardly wore. The funny thing is, he always ended up buying cloths that look similar and of the same brand. I shall remember fondly the time when I pushed his wheelchair around Orchard Road...

Mak Uda encouraged Mak to clear some of Baba's old stuff from her room. I think, in a way, Mak Uda wanted Mak to move on with her life and start her life afresh.

Mak cried when he removed some of Baba's old stuff in their room. I could imagine how sad she must have felt when she has to do this. She took out Baba's pillow and changed the pillow and bed cover. She later asked me if I wanted to bring home Baba's CD collection. I said, no. I don't want his CD collections. I don't have any more space in my apartment to house his CDs. Sis thought it would be a good idea if garage sale is a common practice in Malaysia. There are so many things that we could sell instead of throwing them away in the garbage bin.

Baba bought unnecessary stuffs like penknives, compasses and key chains and kept them. And now we have to throw them away. I felt sad when I have to do this, but we have to clear his things from his room. I don't want Mak to feel sad whenever she looks at Baba's old stuff lying around her room.

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