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wMonday, June 12, 2006

Anak Didah - Johan dan Rueben 5

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Anak Didah - Johan dan Rueben 6

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Anak Didah - Johan dan Rueben 7

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Anak Didah - Johan dan Rueben 8

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Rohaizad is coming to KL this Friday. I can't wait to meet him. At least there's something to do when he's around. However, I have to be on duty for an exhibition that is going to be held on Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm at a major shopping centre. I'm not looking forward to that.


Here's an article about Faiz that appeared in the Star two days ago. I still remembered the time when Faiz and I used to go window shopping at Boston and he will never fail to go into toy stores to look at the toys. He's into everything cute. Without him, Boston would be such a boring place for me.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA passion for cute collectibles


THE target market for McDonald’s toys may be children but 31-year-old Ahmad Faiz Haji Abdul Majid is a fervent fan of the collectibles.

His love for them began about three years ago when the range of Finding Nemo characters was released by the fast food chain.

“I’ve always liked McDonald’s but didn’t have the push or guts to collect the toys. But when Finding Nemo came out, I could not resist not having the adorable fish.

“It’s the first complete collection I have and also my most meaningful as it started my chain of other collectibles,” said Ahmad Faiz.

Besides Finding Nemo, Ahmad Faiz also has Hello Kitty soft toys, figurines of Snoopy, The Incredibles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Walt Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Dumbo the elephant, and Snow White, besides Pokemon and Pikachu.

His collection has grown so much that two large cupboards are needed to store it.

“Previously, these two cupboards were used to display my mother’s kitchenware like plates and bowls. But as my collection grew larger over time, I couldn’t find a suitable space and persuaded my mum to let me have her cupboards instead.

“Seeing how much I treasure these toys, my mum sportingly agreed. As for the kitchenware, we’ve put them to good use now for our daily meals instead of being just display sets,” laughed Ahmad Faiz.

He places a lock on the cupboard doors so that his nephews and nieces do not mess up his collection.

“You know, I’ve about 32 nephews and nieces, so it’s going to be quite a havoc if they do touch the toys. Everything would be messed up,” said Ahmad Faiz.

He never fails to visit McDonald’s at least once a week to check out the latest toy releases.

“It’s more of buying the toys than eating, unless I’m hungry. But we have to make at least a Sundae cone purchase before we can buy the toys, so, usually, I’ll just have an ice-cream,” explained Ahmad Faiz.

Besides the Happy Meal toys which he buys weekly, there are seasonal ones which are launched every two or three months once.

An example is an entire collection of the fruit-themed soft toys where each character would have a fruit on its head or body.

Delightful names like Strawberry Usahana, Orange Cinnamoroli, and Blueberry PomPomPurin describe these demure and cuddly toy characters.

Some of Ahmad Faiz’s collection includes toys from The Incredibles movie.

There are also colourful Happy Meal boxes that Ahmad Faiz keeps in perfect condition. The boxes are not bought but rather, come as a packaging together with the toys.

“I don’t have the heart to throw them away. It’s too nice to be in the bin. So I just display them together with my toys.

“I think UK and Australia have really great packaging. The design and pictures on the boxes would change with every launch of new toys,” he said.

Also in his collection are paper bags with Walt Disney characters on them.

“I’ve an air steward friend who flies to places like UK, Taiwan, Australia and US, so he would help me get the toys and boxes from McDonald’s overseas.”

Currently, he is waiting for the arrival of a new cupboard to store two large boxes full of more McDonald’s toys.

“Even my friends say I’m crazy. But I think McDonald’s toys are not just innovative but educational at the same time.

“For example, my Hello Kitty range which wears different costumes to showcase the different cultures in Malaysia,” said Ahmad Faiz.

When asked if he would ever part with his collection, he shrugged.

“I don’t want to think too far ahead. I’m contented to just keep adding to my collection for now.”

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