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wFriday, May 26, 2006

Khas untuk peminat-peminat Anggun, Tipah dan Taib

Found these gems while looking for Padi's music video in YouTube. They are really hilarious. They are remakes of some of the best P. Ramlee movies. Whoever made these shorts is a genius. You should watch them too. Be prepared to laugh out loud!

Doktor Rushdi (1971)
"You dah pujuk I. You dah naikkan nafsu I. You nak tinggalkan I pulak?"

Ibu Mertua Ku / My Mother-in-Law (1962)

Se Merah Padi / The village of Semerah Padi (1956)

Labu dan Labi / Labu and Labi (1962)

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