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wMonday, April 24, 2006

Featuring the works of Moed Latif - 1

Muid Latif

Featuring the works of Moed Latif - 2

Muid Latif

Muid Latif is one of local creative senior web spinner, working almost 6 years in web agencies with clients like Petronas, Maxis, Microsoft, MSC, Toyota Tribe, Bank Negara, Alla Fonte, KLue, Anuar Zain and few others to name. His enthuasium and passion in digital art & design set him to be recognized internationally, including being final judges for the Philippines Web Awards, exhibiting his artwork over Asia and been featured in design publications. He is a strong supporter in the digital design community, a mentor and been volunteering in charity events. Make contacts with Muid today.

Muid Latif, merupakan pereka senior kreatif yang mempunyai pengalaman dalam industri rekaan web hampir 6 tahun. Beliau bekerja dengan agensi web terkemuka di Malaysia dan di Singapura dengan klien seperti Petronas, Maxis, Microsoft, MSC, Toyota Tribe, Bank Negara, Alla Fonte, KLue, Anuar Zain dan sebagainya. Minat mendalam terhadap seni lukis dan seni reka telah menjadikan beliau seorang artist dan juga designer yang aktif dalam komuniti rekaan digital. Beliau mewakili Malaysia dengan menjadi juri dalam Anugerah Web Filipina dan banyak melibatkan diri dalam pameran seni digital di Malaysia dan serata Asia disamping meluangkan masa dengan menjadi sukarela amal.


Adakah Sepet dan Gubra pencemar budaya?

I just can't begin how infuriated I was with Akmal Abdullah and Raja Azmi after watching 'Fenomena Seni' on TV1 at 9.30 PM last night. The title of the forum: Adakah Sepet dan Gubra pencemar budaya?

Akmal Abdullah just can't keep himself cool. He is an angry individual full of hate. Raja Azmi giggled like she's a 14 year old girl and I thought this is one of the scariest things I've watched on TV after The Grudge was shown on ASTRO. And asking David Teoh for his opinion whether the said two movies has the ability to taint our culture?

Jadi budaya siapa yang tercemar? So whose culture were the panels discussing last night? I'm left wondering if the panels were actually talking about the Malay culture or the Malaysian culture as a whole. I know how difficult it was for Pak Hassan Muthalib to put a Malaysian perspective into the discussion when he was often interjected by Akmal Abdullah.

According to TV Smith, Akmal Abdullah, "By his own admission, he has only read the review." Whattt??? This is outrageous! I was told that he didn't go to any of the international movies showcased at FINAS and yet deemed the movies shown there as 'lucah' (porn). And now, horror of horrors, he didn't even watch Gubra and seems to have to say about the movie? What is wrong with this guy?

Raja Azmi and Akmal Abdullah just don't know what they are talking about and they were especially revolting when they started playing the race and religious cards.

I can't believe my ears when I heard Akmal Abdullah used the word 'kafir'. And the audacity of Raja Azmi when she said Malaysia belongs exclusively to the Malays, by stressing that Malaysia is a Tanah Melayu (Malay's land).

Shame on them!

To tell you the truth, I've never seen Malays who are as kurang ajar like Akmal Abdullah and Raja Azmi. So kurang ajar I felt so ashamed of myself that they are actually Malays.

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