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wTuesday, January 24, 2006

Pune Highway 1

Pune Highway

Pune Highway 2

Pune Highway

Pune Highway 3

Pune Highway

Pune Highway 4

Pune Highway

Yesterday I went to Susuk movie location at a private hospital in Pudu. The abandoned ward is kinda creepy. Amir told me the same location was used in a horror flick called The Visitor (if I'm not mistaken). Yasmin came later at about 8 to take on a cameo role. I managed to ask her about her new movie, Mohsein (is this how you spell the name of the movie?). It's a movie about Orkid (again!) first love.

I missed Dia more than ever now. Lost distant relationship is beginning to take its toll. I am trying my best to keep it together. These past couple of days, I kept on imagining that things are like it was a year ago. I even repeteadly looked at Dia's side of the bed just to make sure he is not there. Because everything around me is the same. The only thing is missing is Dia.

I wonder if Dia misses me the way I missed him. Deep inside me, I think he does...

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