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wMonday, December 05, 2005

Dia di UK 5

Dia Di Tanah UK

Dia di UK 6

Dia Di Tanah UK

Yesterday I watched the much talked about The History of Singapore at the Discovery Channel. You know what, sometimes I have to watch programmes like this to remind me of my Singapore roots. I'm not a Singaporean any more, but I will never forget my roots.

Little did I know before watching this documentary that the 'sia' in Malaysia was derived from SIngapurA (or SIngApore). How come nobody ever told me about this, leh? The footages used in the documentary are great! If there are DVD sets of The History of Singapore I could get my hands on, I'll buy it immediately. The documentary was well researched and thought after. Balanced. Entertaining.

Oh, I went to watch Julius Caesar with Nick Xander at KLPAC. You can read his review here. Thanks Ismyzeal for the tickets!

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