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wTuesday, October 11, 2005

Yasmin Ahmad - Gubra 1

Yasmin Ahmad Gubra
Namron as the bilal

Yasmin Ahmad - Gubra 2

Yasmin Ahmad Gubra
Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad - Gubra 3

Yasmin Ahmad Gubra
Yasmin Ahmad

Yesterday Yasmin invited me to the rough cut screening of Gubra. I just can't contain my excitement. Like, I break fast and quickly drove to Menara Olympia (to Yasmin's office at Leo Burnett). I was there on time, thank God!

After watching Gubra, I think Gubra is better than Sepet and Rabun. There were times I feel like crying at some of the strangest scenes. Like the scene when two tudung clad aunties smiling at a nyonya who was screaming at her abusive husband. It was such a beautiful scene.

I feel so touched when the bilal (Namron) decided to touch a three legged dog and tell the dog to move away from the road - because the dog was hit by a lorry before this. You know what? I did almost the same thing to a stray dog when I stayed at Bukit Damansara long time ago. The dog was so excited to see me even although I never fed him (I think dogs are not like cats, they only love people who feed them). I told the dog not to play on the busy road, patted him and showed him some love and respect.

The acting in the movie is simply superb. I just can't put it in words lah. Sharifah Armani (Orked) should win awards for her acting. Her acting is mind blowing.

Thank you Kak Min, for the opportunity to watch this beautiful movie. I really can't thank you enough.

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