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wFriday, October 07, 2005

KL Lumix Sept 5

A toilet at Sogo

KL Lumix Sept

Kompleks Pertama

I think I should start doing some weight exercises lah. But the problem is, I don't have much spare time. So how leh?

I accidently kicked one of the dumbell yesterday and I cut my right foot. That's a sign, I guess. And I don't feel I'm as hard as I used to. So, I think I shall at least do some push ups. But it is so difficult to do anything constructive after I break my fast. I always feel bloated.

Right now I feel sleepy and I'm having a stomach discomfort. I can't figure out the sleepy part lah. I thought I've had enough sleep? Maybe because I've stopped smoking and this this my body's reaction to it?

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