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wTuesday, October 04, 2005

KL Lumix Sept 1

KL Lumix Sept 2

Yesterday I left my phone in the office. I suppose to meet a friend at a place nearby from where I live. I was looking for her, but I think I can't recognize her at all. She did came looking for me. But I was nowhere to be found. We probably crossed each other's path, but we've forgotten how we look like? I met her only last year, but I can't remember how she looks like. I think she's pissed off with me. But I did wait for more than half an hour for her…

Anyways, I am very upset about something this morning. Something that had made me realized about who I am to a person that I love.

In life, sometimes you must accept the fact that whatever you might think in your head might not be the same with what is real out there. I have to come to term with reality. Letting go a part of my memory of something that I thought is real is difficult, but I guess I have to accept reality. I have to learn to let go.

I have to accept the fact that I am an invisible man. A 'halimunan'.

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