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wSaturday, October 01, 2005

67 Tempinis Satu Readings, September 2005 9

67 Tempinis Satu Readings, September 2005 10

It is Saturday and I intend to visit the British Council to borrow some books on music. I need to carry some amount of research for my new novel, Halimunan.

Oh, by the way. If you are interested, you can now download one of my novels, Mata Kucing into your handphone. Potret will follow suit. So watch this space.

Yesterday I went to Mid Valley to watch a wonderful Indonesian movie, Banyu Biru. Couldn't get me a ticket. Sold Out kononnya (The theatre was half-empty). Luckily Amir Muhammad spotted me while I was eating alone at the food court and told me that he might have extra tickets. Azam of Utusan gave me a ticket when his friend didn't turn up (bless his soul). After the show, Bernard Chauly reminded me to buy his Gol & Gincu VCD. It's out in the store and guess what Bernard, yesterday while paying for my Butterfingers CD at JUSCO, I saw a girl buying Gol & Gincu. Yes she did, right in front of my eyes. I think, it will be a commercial success, VCD wise lah. Gol & Gincu VCD is worth buying.

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